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Enhancing skin tone and texture through resurfacing!

CO2RE carbondioxide laser or resurfacing system

Observed result
Younger-looking skin without long-term recovery associated with conventional resurfacing procedures.

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"After only 1 treatment, I find that the appearance of my face has really improved - younger and smoother. I highly recommend this treatment" J.L., England

Steven Eubanks,MD | Candela
3 weeks post treatment

Steven Eubanks,MD | Candela
7 weeks post treatment

M.Gold, MD | Candela
4 Weeks Post 3 Treatments

S. Jazayeri, MD | Candela
6 Weeks Post 3 Treatments

MD | Candela
6 Months Post Treatment
Candela Canada

The resurfacing laser is a CO2 fractional system that accurately targets and treats the surface of the skin, the intermediate and deep layers, in addition to performing traditional surfacing and excision of lesions.

Ideal candidates for CO2RE technology are aged 30 or older and have skin damaged by sun exposure, discoloration, rough texture, other skin imperfections such as age spots, scars, scars acne and / or wrinkles and fine lines.

+ Is the procedure painful?
A: The patient can expect a sensation similar to a sunburn, lasting between one and four hours.

The skinwill then experience a natural exfoliation process, lasting between seven and ten days and during which dead skin cells will come off the treated area.
+ Is the procedure safe?
A: Yes, however, you must discuss your complete medical and skin history with your practitioner to minimize any potential negative reactions.
+ How many sessions are needed?
A: Between one and three sessions will be necessary to obtain a result. In the days following the procedure, your skin will look more and more soft and smooth. The appearance of age spots and uneven textures will immediately begin to improve.

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