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​​​​​​​Complete Facial Rejuvenation! 

Sublative ™ + Sublime ™ Treatments to Maximize Your Rejuvenation.

Observed result
In a multicenter study of 72 subjects, the majority of patients found an improvement in the reduction of wrinkles and the general appearance of the face.

More than 90% of treated patients found improvement in overall facial appearance.

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Complete Facial Rejuvenation: Sublative ™ + Sublime ™ Treatments to Maximize Your Rejuvenation.

Courtesy, MD | Candela
Post 2 Treatments

Amir, MD | Candela
Post 2 Treatments

M.Gold, MD | Candela
4 Weeks Post 3 Treatments

S. Jazayeri, MD | Candela
6 Weeks Post 3 Treatments

MD | Candela
6 Months Post Treatment
Candela Canada

This is a facial treatment with the laser eTwo, which is a combination of 2 applicators to simultaneously obtain a skin remodeling and an improvement of the texture of the skin.

The Sublime ™ applicator
It provides a non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment, thanks to a predictable warm-up of the deep dermis that stimulates and shortens older collagen fibers, thus ensuring immediate and long-term improvement of wrinkles.

The Sublative ™ applicator
Due to its fractional bipolar RF technology, the latter uses thermal energy to promote a significant increase in collagen and elastin in the upper dermis without unduly disturbing the epidermis. This technology treats a wide range of skin types. The heat can stimulate the tissues surrounding the dots of the matrix, which helps to speed up the healing process, for a smoother and younger look of the skin.

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